Scott Draves - Software Artist

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T-shirt "Fusion" 244.86021

Edition of 200 on sale now.

T-shirt "Electron" 244.68922

Edition of 225 on sale now.

Tank-top "Viola" 245.03425

Edition of 100 on sale now.

Shirt "Firebird" 244.85816

2014 Edition of 300 Sold Out.

Shirt "Motion" 244.78011

2013 Edition of 250 Sold Out.

Shirt "Guilloche" 244.61688

2012 Edition of 225 Sold Out.

Shirt "Windowpane" 244.02040.

2011 Edition of 250 Sold Out.

Scarf "Chrysanthemum" 244.02225.

2011 Edition of 42, silk charmeuse, Sold Out.

Clothing made with the Collective Intelligence of the Internet

Combining elements of abstract contemporary art with fabric and digital technology creates fashions you can wear every day. Sales of this clothing funds the free software and creative commons licensed artwork produced by Draves and the Electric Sheep.

Everything is currently sold out, but a new design will be announced this fall. Sign up to be notified by email.

Custom outfits and designs are available upon request. For more information, please inquire with the artist.