Scott Draves - Software Artist

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Scott Draves has received kudos in science and art books, magazines, and on websites across the Internet.

Large image on the cover of the Arts and Entertainment section of the Chicago Tribune, June 2011.

Two images and text in the Vida & Artes section of El País, December 2011.

Cover of Leonardo Journal, 2008.

Interview at, July 2008.


  • "infinite unreality... expands endlessly" - Washington Post

  • "Beautiful... animations that self-modify based on users' feedback, evolving into gorgeous artificial life-forms." - Boing Boing

  • "the first step in bridging the gap between humans and machines." - Art in Odd Places

  • "If anyone can communicate that soul, he can... The magus of software art." - Arthur I. Miller in his book Colliding Worlds

  • "groundbreaking" - Reality Sandwich

  • "the fascinating forms of the 'dynamic painting' Dreams in High Fidelity" - El País.

  • "Fertile ground for a new digital and social knowledge commons." - Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and the Life/Vida 4.0 Jury.

  • "This is where the history of AI-art-as-we-know-it begins." - Le Random

  • "Stunning Visual Creatures" - Singularity Hub

  • "Draves is the author of the brilliant Electric Sheep. - Cory Doctorow

  • "Channeling M.C. Escher and classical Celtic designs" - CNET News

  • "Incandescent...mesmerizing" - Discover Magazine

  • "A pioneer of generative art" - Triangulation.

  • "like a passage down a rabbit hole" - The Link Magazine

  • "Stunningly beautiful...amazingly mind-blowing animated imagery" - Smells Like Screen Spirit

  • "Stunningly-organic looking images" - Create Digital Motion

  • "I saw HiFiDreams at the GooglePlex. I barely left. It was incredible. I was astounded, I was speechless, it was of the most astounding artworks I've ever seen." - Anna Raven

  • "It's fantastic... stunning algorithmically generated animations" -

  • "Incredible flame fractals take you through the wormhole" - Tech Republic

  • "Breathtaking" - Future Hi

  • "Expert vj and software guru Scott Draves" - Keyboard Magazine

  • "I admire artists who use technology in unique ways, which is why I'm a big fan of Scott Draves." - Sentient Developments

  • "In recent years revolutionary new ways of creating fractals have been pioneered by software designers and Fractal Flames, discovered by software artist Scott Draves, is one such new innovation providing stunning 'never seen before' detail of the beauty and complexity of natural (mathematical) forms. " - Commercials Unlimited

  • "The coolest screensaver ever" -
  • "I'm totally in love with this project" -

  • "Perfectly smooth. Gorgeous.... Flat-out Amazing." - BBum

  • "Simplemente espectacular a la vez que hipnotizador." -

  • "What makes this even more interesting is this Art Form becomes more refined the more people vote on the Electric Sheep." - Marshall Sponder,

  • "Best. Screensaver. EVER. The extra uber cool phenonmenon that is electric sheep... you MUST try this" - The Mossy Blog