Scott Draves - Software Artist

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T-shirt 244.86021 "Fusion" front.


T-shirts are back! Printed all over, front and back for $60. The shirts are made with a new and improved fabric and tools that eliminate white wrinkles completely: the shirts are printed, cut, and sewn to order. We kept the permanent, bright colors and dye sublimation process the same.

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The design comes from the Electric Sheep algorithm and collective intelligence.

Wrinkle-free laundering and bright, long-lasting color (dye sublimation); no shrinkage. Wash in cold water, dry on low heat. Sizes S-XL. Made in USA.

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The fabric is amazing and the printing is more so. Only having worn it a short time, it is pleasantly apparent this shirt catches more eyes and complements than any Tee with a one-liner could ever. I look forward to buying every single one you come out with. --Grant B.