Scott Draves - Software Artist

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Self portrait made of eyes.

This is the artist and a friend combined into a single portrait, 1991 Tokyo.

Fleshabod made from internet porn, 1991 Tokyo.


Scott Draves' 1991 Fuse algorithm was inspired by an algorithm for generating text based on other text called Dissociated Press and the Cut-Up technique for text and audio. It is an open source program that cuts images into pieces and rearranges the pieces in new fused-together layouts.

Fuse predates and generalizes Texture Synthesis and Photomosaics. It is one of the earliest machine learning image2image algorithms.

This is the artist's self-portrait made up of a closeup. In this work, tiles containing a portion of a photograph -- the artist's eyes -- are oriented so the shading approximates a rendition of the original photograph. If the eyes are windows into the soul, in this work the artist is laid bare -- while simultanously seeming to look back at us from myriad vantage points.