Scott Draves - Software Artist

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Electric Sheep

a self-perpetuating system for the production of algorithmic art, a 5 minute HD sample with voiceover about the Electric Sheep. from Karmalize Productions on Vimeo.

Electric Sheep

A documentary about the Electric Sheep.

High Fidelity Demo

From the Blu Ray. To experience this properly at 1080p, save this 2.2GB quicktime to your desktop. Play back on a faster computer with a large screen for best effect. Thanks to Archive.Org for hosting.

Electric Sheep

From the free screensaver, on YouTube.

Another sample from Electric Sheep

Narrated Documentary

Six minutes explanation of history and process.

Narrated Documentary

Three minutes about what other people have done with the Flame Algorithm.

More Clips and Music Videos

The Firebird original 2400x2400 fulldome projection, music by Kenji Williams.

Fe XIV music by Per Bloland, commissioned by Michael Straus.

Dreams in High Fidelity #1 one minute, streaming at web resolution.

Star Oasis set to music by Alex Theory.